When children have access to health care, they do better in school. And when children improve in school, their potential for success in life improves. That’s why the Show-Me School-Based Health Alliance (The Alliance) is partnering with schools and health providers throughout Missouri to advance and advocate for school-based health care programs. This approach brings top-quality health services to the place where children spend their time: their schools. As the voice for school-based health in Missouri, the Show-Me School-Based Health Alliance of Missouri is redefining health for kids and teens throughout the state.

Our Mission

We support communities in building and sustaining quality school-based health programs.

Our Vision

Every child and youth in Missouri has an equal opportunity to succeed by assuring access to high quality health care.

Our Values

Access, Collaboration, Equity, Inclusiveness, Innovations, Outcomes driven, Student-centered decision-making and practices, and Sustainability

Missouri School-Based Health Updates

First Comprehensive Census of School-Based Health Programs in Missouri 

The Alliance completed the first comprehensive census of school-based health (SBH) programs in Missouri after collecting data throughout 2019 and 2020. The goals of the census were to document what SBH programs exist in Missouri, what services they provide, which organizations sponsor them, and who they serve, as well as to begin to understand what gaps exist in access to SBH services. The census revealed that 57% of Missouri students have access to at least one health care service through their schools and that 79 of Missouri’s 115 counties have at least one SBH program.

Find more findings from the 2019-2020 Census of SBH Programs here.

School-Based Health Success Kids
School-Based Health Success Kids

New Resource: Missouri School-Based Health Program Directory

The Missouri School-Based Health Program Directory, which includes information collected as part of the 2019-2020 census and is intended to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and networking, is now available! Contact information, sponsoring organization, program type, services provided, and the school district served by the SBH program are just some of the variables included. Information, for SBH programs that elected to participate in the directory, is searchable, sortable, and filterable.

Access the Missouri SBH Program Directory here.