Increasing number of MO families lose Medicaid coverage

On behalf of the Show-Me School-Based Health Alliance, we wanted to ensure that all of our members and partners are aware of the increasing number of MO families that have lost their Medicaid coverage since December 2017.

As of August 1st, over 90,000 children in Missouri have lost their health insurance coverage through MO HealthNet.  Many families are not even aware that their coverage has been terminated.

This matters to schools and school-based health programs for five critical reasons:

  1. school attendance drives school revenue
  2. achievement suffers when students are sick
  3. Medicaid revenues are critical for schools and school-based health programs
  4. sick children spread disease to other children and staff
  5. lack of MO HealthNet coverage may affect students’ ability to enroll

We have created documents that you may share with your staff, partners, and your families. One is a Medicaid Alert document that can be printed, made into posters and shared school or program wide. We need to spread the word and work together to help our families re-enroll or maintain their coverage.

Here are the documents:

Updated Medicaid Alert

MEMO Medicaid General

Call to Action Final This document is specific for schools on how they may support.