Kids Win Missouri calls for support in keeping kids & families covered under Medicaid

Kids Win Missouri, one of the Alliance’s key advocacy partners, needs your support to ensure that policy makers understand the urgency of the issue of the loss of Medicaid coverage and to advance solutions for Missouri children and families. You can take the following actions to help advance these efforts:

1) Commit to Supporting a Shared Policy Agenda to Improve Medicaid.
Children and families in Missouri can’t wait, and Kids Win needs your support to cross the finish line. Please fill out our commitment form here to tell us how you or your organization can help.

2) Help Map Collective Relationships. 
All advocacy work is centered on relationships. Please fill out our survey to share what relationships you have with policymakers and other influential stakeholders to help advance our policy goals.

3) Connect with Families and Share Their Stories.
As Kids Win moves forward with their efforts to engage with policymakers and the media, they need stories that illustrate the challenges and barriers children and families face with getting and keeping their Medicaid coverage. If you have stories to share or can connect Kids Win with families, please complete this form and a team member will reach out with you to connect further.

In collaboration with the Missouri Budget Project and Missouri Coalition of Children’s Agencies, Kids Win Missouri also developed several resources for understanding the enrollment decline and related challenges.